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Spheres of the Web is a project by Gerbus Enterprises.


Spheres of the Web was developed to collect the most popular websites in a unique way.

While the common ways to remember and share the web are via bookmarks and social media giants, the Spheres offer a new method which is admittedly less sortable and searchable, yet more glamorous and perhaps interesting.

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The Entertainment Sphere : This Sphere is for sites that provide entertainment.
The Technology Sphere : This Sphere is for sites that concern technology, or provide tools to users.
The Business Sphere : This Sphere is for sites about business.
The Information Sphere : This Sphere is for sites that connect us with reference and educational material.
The Earth Sphere : This Sphere is for sites concerned about the earth, its inhabitants, and all things natural.
The Shopping Sphere : This Sphere is for sites that sell or review goods.


Promoting a website can be frustrating, especially on a budget. Using an Advertisement Banner to permanently link your site from one of the Spheres can provide you with targetted traffic and character.

The Advertisement Banner is built from square blocks of pixels, and illustrated by you. It is uploaded to the Sphere you think best suits your site or the audience you are after (your targetted traffic).

Your banner's position is random on its Sphere, but always displays a title and description with the permanent link to your site.

Create an Advertisement Banner


The Spheres illustrate the different goals people have on the web (do business; find information). Since each Sphere corresponds to a different goal, the number of Advertisement Banner blocks on each Sphere indicates the popularity of that goal today.

The contest between the Spheres is a popularity contest, but also a fundraiser. A different charity is sponsored by each Sphere. The first Sphere to populate to 100% capacity will donate $25,000, and each Sphere after that will donate $5,000, for a total project donation of $50,000.

Current Status







Total Blocks Remaining: 62,170

Total Blocks Used: 38

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There are a few conditions pertaining to Advertisement Banner upload.

  • Advertisement Banners may not display or link to adult-natured or offensive content. Any such Advertisement Banners will be removed instantly and refund will not be available.
  • When you upload a Advertisement Banner to Spheres of the Web, that Advertisement Banner becomes the propery of Spheres of the Web. You are granted the right to submit an image to be displayed, along with a name, description, and link.
  • After payment, refund requests will only be granted where extenuating circumstances exist.
  • Spheres of the Web is guaranteed to be online until January 1, 2015. That said, I hope to have the site online for much longer.
  • The image, name, description, and URL associated with your Advertisement Banner may be changed once before January 1, 2011 by contacting me via email. After this date, changes may be permitted at my discretion.
  • URLs must direct to webpages only, using either http or https protocol.
  • You must have the authority to provide the image and link of the site you submit.
  • In the event of any interruption of service, response will be met with haste to fix the problem.
  • Charities sponsored by the Spheres are subject to change at the discretion of the organizations themselves.
  • Spheres of the Web does not guarantee an increase in traffic to any linked sites.


Chris Gerber

Chris Gerber, creator of Spheres of the Web My name is Chris Gerber, I live in Vancouver, Canada, and I am the creator, designer and developer of Spheres of the Web.

Back in January of 2009, I left my research at UBC to take stock of my life. I wanted to bring something really fresh to the world.

So I decided to put my skills of algebra, art, and web development together and build something unique. Once finished however, I realized that I had missed two very important parts: a marketing strategy, and a clear grasp of what I was actually offering to people.

As a result, the spheres really have no value apart from their esthetics, so don't worry if this website doesn't make any sense to you – it doesn't make a lot of sense to me yet either...


Recipients of the Contest Prize

Since the Spheres represent different interests of the online community, I thought it would be fitting to find charities in these same veins.

Child's Play

Entertainment Sphere

Child's Play logo There are many children in North America and worldwide that are faced with illness and physical ailments who find it difficult to move beyond their circumstances. Child's Play is a non-profit organization that provides hospitalized kids with movies, video games, and toys, to help them transcend depression and hopelessness.

Free Software Foundation

Technology Sphere

Free Software Foundation logo Technology is growing in leaps and bounds, but forces against the freedom of software use are growing too. Large software corporations continually inhibit the freedom individuals have when it comes to software. The Free Software Foundation aims to preserve, protect and promote the freedom to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer software, and to defend the rights of Free Software users. For those of you familiar with the GNU, the Free Software Foundation is its principal organizational sponsor.

Opportunity International

Business Sphere

Opportunity International logo Business is thriving on the web, but not so much among the low-income demographics around the world. Opportunity International is one of the trail-blazers of microfinance, a method of aid by which people in poverty can participate in lending, savings, insurance and transformational training programs. Through these small lending and savings programs, impoverished entrepeneurs around the world have a chance to help their neighbors by stimulating economic growth.

Room to Read

Information Sphere

Room to Read logo Room to Read seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in developing countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations, and governments, Room to Read develops literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and supports girls to complete secondary school with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.

Friends of the Earth

Earth Sphere

Friends of the Earth logo The Earth is a major concern today. Friends of the Earth is a grassroots organization that challenges the current model of economic and corporate globalization, and promotes environmentally sustainable and socially just solutions. Of their many campaigns, sustainable energy, deforestation, genetically modified foods, and economic justice top the list.

World Food Programme

Shopping Sphere

World Food Programme logo Everyone has needs, but in many places they are not met. While we build websites and blogs, and buy groceries once a week, others are starving. The World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian agency. It is part of the UN, but is voluntarily funded. In 2010, they aim to reach more than 90 million people in 73 countries with food.

The opinions expressed through Spheres of the Web and those by the websites therein do not neccesarily reflect those of the charity organizations listed above.


Advertisement Banner and Sphere Data

Advertisement Banner Blocks

Entertainment 26
Technology 0
Business 4
Information 0
Earth 8
Shopping 0

Number of Advertisement Banner blocks sold to date


Entertainment 420
Technology 0
Business 49
Information 0
Earth 114
Shopping 0

Number of Advertisement Banner clicks to date

Visits to Sphere

Entertainment 1,340
Technology 350
Business 272
Information 281
Earth 381
Shopping 193

Number of unique visitors to date

Facebook Votes

Entertainment 13
Technology 4
Business 0
Information 6
Earth 5
Shopping 1

Number of votes cast on facebook


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There are no Advertisement Banners on this Sphere yet.

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information Sphere Listing

There are no Advertisement Banners on this Sphere yet.

earth Sphere Listing

  1. Pins+Needs
  2. The Canada Expedition

shopping Sphere Listing

There are no Advertisement Banners on this Sphere yet.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the benefits of putting a Advertisement Banner on Spheres of the Web?
  2. What if my Advertisement Banner suits more than one Sphere?
  3. Why the 13-pixel block size?
  4. What shapes of Advertisement Banners are accepted by Spheres of the Web?
  5. Will my Advertisement Banner help the PageRank of my Website?
  6. Why six Spheres?
  7. Are there satelites orbiting the Spheres?
  8. Why would anyone come to Spheres of the Web?


  1. What are the benefits of putting a Advertisement Banner on Spheres of the Web?

    Advertisement Banners promote your site. Most bloggers and website-keepers know that building a network of links is tantamount to a successful reader-base. But it isn't as easy at it sounds (I worked a blog for a few months myself, but resigned after failing to build a good readership). A Advertisement Banner can help to broaden your outreach, at a low one-time cost (as opposed to facebook ads or google adsense, where you are charged per click or impression).

    Advertisement Banners are visual. An Advertisement Banner essentially provides the same function as any standard link, but with an additional emphasis on style and visual esthetic. While most links on the Web are displayed as plain text, Advertisement Banners on Spheres of the Web are displayed both textually and graphically. Creating a Advertisement Banner allows you to introduce your website to the eyes of your visitors, even before they visit.

    Spheres are tuned to different interests. When you upload your Advertisement Banner to Spheres of the Web, you have the choice of which Sphere it will live on. Choosing an appropriate Sphere will help bring visitors to your site who share similar interests, since they are likely to be browsing the Sphere that interests them most. Some call it targetted traffic.

  2. What if my Advertisement Banner suits more than one Sphere?

    Each Sphere has a character of its own, but often a website and its Advertisement Banner concern more than just one field of interest. For instance a website about viral marketing might work equally well on the Technology, Business and Information Spheres.

    In such circumstances, it is best to think of what type of audience you are looking for (technophiles, executives, or students, for example), and decide that way. There is also nothing to stop you from putting the same Advertisement Banner on multiple Spheres, to expand your reach.

  3. Why the 13-pixel block size?

    Each Advertisement Banner is formed by connecting one or more blocks together. Two characteristics led to this block size. First, each Sphere has a three hundred pixel radius — a good size for most screen resolutions these days. Second, each Sphere has a surface that is divided into a little over ten thousand blocks (10,368 to be exact). These two constraints led to this size of block.

  4. What shapes of Advertisement Banners are accepted by Spheres of the Web?

    Any Advertisement Banner made from an arrangement of connected blocks is accepted. A 39-pixel square Advertisement Banner is allowed, for instance, as is an L-shaped Advertisement Banner having a height of 39 pixels (3 blocks) and a width of 26 pixels (2 blocks).

    Create a Advertisement Banner

  5. Will my Advertisement Banner help the PageRank of my Website?


    PageRank (PR) is one of the factors that determine how high a webpage ranks in Google's search engine result pages. Essentially, the PR of a webpage is determined by how many other webpages link to it, and what each of their PRs is (and whether a "nofollow" attribute is set).

    However, it is well-known that links inside a Flash application (such as the Spheres) are not factored in, since they are hidden in the application's encoding.

    In order to solve this problem, a Listings Page is provided. Since these listings can inhabit the same webpage as the Spheres (try it — navigate to a Sphere first, then the listings page), the PRs of the Spheres are effectively delivered to the linked pages (the nofollow attribute is not set in listings links).

  6. Why six Spheres?

    Good question. Unfortunately there isn't really a good answer to this question, aside from saying that this is the smallest number I managed to boil the many interests of the online community down to. Truth be told, I specifically wanted a Sphere to represent the earth, and all things natural, but the rest come from the large numbers of websites presently that care about each of these topics.

    (Oh, I noticed that the cube — the linear counterpart to the sphere — has six faces. Maybe six spheres arranged properly makes a cube with spherical faces. 4D? Okay, just rambling here...)

  7. Are there satelites orbiting the Spheres?

    Yes. The number of satelites orbiting a given Sphere depends loosely on how many Advertisement Banners inhabit its surface. The satelites are there to represent the "buzz" around that Sphere.

  8. Why would anyone come to Spheres of the Web?

    Spheres of the Web is an endeavor I single-handedly built from the ground up in my apartment in Vancouver. The road has been long, and at times difficult, but it has led to something entirely original. Others who value personal creativity and innovation will appreciate the work for what it stands for in the world.

    To the bloggers and webmasters out there, this site both promotes and is a product of individual effort.

    To the dabblers in philosophy and critical thinking, Spheres of the Web is a tool by which we can analyze not only online activity, but collective human interest. The contest will reveal what we are preoccupied with, where we spend our time and thought.

    For everyone else, this site can provide a loosely guided jump-board into the various regions of the Web. Whether acting as a distraction, a research tool, or an eye-opener, Spheres of the Web can be of use to everyone.


Attention from the Media

May 3, 2010 — PRWeb


Means of Getting in Touch

Comments or questions? Send an email to Christopher X Gerber, or you can send mail to:

Spheres of the Web
2200 West 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6K 1S3

Press? Call 604-816-4873